Homeowner Spends Weeks Trying To Catch Hairless Mystery Animal Living In Backyard

Homeowner Spends Weeks Trying to Catch Hairless Mystery Animal

[H]e had no lack of spunk!

The rescue mission for a seemingly helpless animal turned out to be a test of wit and perseverance. This clever creature was no easy catch, with a tactic of evasion that lasted weeks. It was only through the sheer determination of his rescuers that he was finally brought to safety.

At the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC), a surprise awaited as the identity of the mystery animal was discovered. The hairless vagabond was a fox, a young red fox, to be specific. His condition was dire—emaciated, dehydrated, and the target of mange mites.

“Before his trip to WRC, this young red fox experienced weeks of cold, hunger, discomfort and desperation due to the mites that were burrowing under his skin causing a severe case of mange,” the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota wrote on Facebook.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

Adapting to his new environment at WRC proved to showcase his resilience even more. Despite his rugged state, his spunk didn’t wane.

“Despite missing fur and fat, he had no lack of spunk,” the center said.

His zest for life challenged the staff, who worked creatively to care for and entertain him. The fox inspired an outpouring of generosity, with donations fueling his recovery.

Forty-three days post-admittance, a transformation was evident. His coat, a lush indicator of his renewed health, was filling in. His bright eyes spoke of an eagerness to return to the wild.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota

When the crate door opened, his exit was nothing short of cinematic. He leapt high, savoring freedom. That one resonating moment as he looked back at his caretakers was rich with gratitude—a silent thank you to those who never lost faith in his spirit.

“Our patients are unable to thank us, but this fox’s spectacular leap out of his kennel and the moment he took to look back at his caretakers are memories we will never forget,” the center conveyed.

Their story with the fox ended as they watched him blend into nature, but his legacy lives on in their hearts and through the support that turns such rescues into triumphs.