Homeless Man Stands Outside Walmart Pleading For Help For His Dog And Woman Came To His Rescue

Houston Woman Steps Up to Free Homeless Man’s Dog from the Pound

You know, we often have opinions about homeless people having pets. Let’s not get into that. The real issue should be when a pet’s in danger. But most times, these folks are doing everything they can for their furry friends. They skip meals, brave the cold, all to ensure their pet’s well-fed and sheltered.

So, this story starts outside a Walmart in Houston, Texas. Wilma Frice spots this guy with a sign, and it just hits you right in the feels. It reads: “Dog in pound, need help.” It’s not every day you see something like that.

The guy, Patrick, a homeless chap, was all alone, his eyes full of worry. He wasn’t there for himself. No, he was there for Franklin, his dog, stuck in the pound because Patrick couldn’t scrape together $120 to get him out.

Wilma, speaking to People.com, couldn’t hide her empathy. “He just looked like someone who’s had a rough go of it, you know? And his eyes… man, it was like a little kid who’s lost his dog.”

So, what does Wilma do? She helps Patrick out. And Patrick, overwhelmed with gratitude, goes on Facebook.

He writes about how amazing Wilma is, and how great Franklin is. He says something that stuck with me: “You never know what someone’s going through. Don’t judge a book by its cover. We should all help each other out because, in a blink, we could be in the same boat. I struggle every day to keep these animals safe until they find forever homes. I’ve been blessed with so much love from them.”

There’s a video on YouTube, by Inside Edition, that captures this whole heartwarming story. You’ve got to see it. And hey, if it touches you, share it around. Spread the word, spread the love.

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