What Guys like to Be Called Besides Handsome

What Guys like to Be Called Besides Handsome

Handsome has to be one of the most frequently used terms when referring to a man on the internet.

This is why so many guys prefer to be called something other than handsome.

While we’re not quite sure why this is, it might be because handsomeness has come to mean attractiveness as opposed to describing someone as appealing or appealing looking.

Who knows!

All we know is that the following words for calling a guy, instead of handsome, are definitely more creative and interesting.

27 Names Guys like to Be Called Besides Handsome

Let’s go over the most popular and top names used as alternatives to handsome.


A sexier name than handsome or handsomely.


Very similar in meaning to “handsome”, beautiful is a great alternative term.


Cute has more to do with someone having an attractive personality rather than physical attractiveness, or at least that is what this word usually means when used to refer to people.


If you like this person enough, saying they are attractive can be good.


Adorable is like the cutest, most endearing thing you can call a man.


If you use this word, you need to explain what is perfect about this person because it’s a pretty intense word.


This one makes the person being referred to feel good, but beware that it also has a caveat which basically means irresistible to a fault. That can cause a problem if they are prone to making mistakes.


If you call someone wonderful, it can sound like a compliment, but if they’re not, you might be labeling them as an annoying and plebeian person.


This is a greater compliment than the previous one. Sweet implies that the person is good and that they do something well, similar to wonderful.
It’s also slightly less intense than calling someone adorable.


The preceding words for calling a man are sweet, adorable, wonderful, etc. suggesting that the person being referred to is an amazing person.
Mutual implies that both people are great or at least alright.


While you might think this is a screamingly embarrassing term of endearment, it actually works well in some cases because it implies you think the person is mature and manly enough to be your father.
They might not be, of course, but you’ll probably never know because the person will be too embarrassed to tell you they’re not.


Honey is like saying “daddy”, but honey is more gentle and soft.
It’s really sweet and caring, therefore making it a great compliment or term of endearment.


This is a term that works well for a guy who is shy and reserved.


This is a name for a guy who reeks of masculinity and masculinity but doesn’t necessarily have to be muscular.
It’s sort of demeaning because you’re not really calling him princely or powerful, but it’s best for anyone who likes fairy tales and princes.


A man is a man, and everyone knows it.
Calling him by this term is basically like saying he doesn’t deserve his own identity or identity at all.


This is about as nice of a term to call a guy as you can get because it implies you think the person is just really good looking and their looks don’t change one bit.


If you call someone by this term, you better be willing to share some of your sugar with them because otherwise, they might get angry and upset at you.


This is like calling someone hot or sexy, but it takes the compliment to the next level without really taking it over the top.


Another artificial term of endearment, cutie has all the implications of cute with a little more added on to it.


So sappy!

Babe makes the person being referred to sound like a delicate flower, but it’s still a nice word.


Hotness implies that the person is really attractive, which they might not be, but at least they are hot enough to be called “hot”.


This is another soft alternative term of endearment because saying someone is cool or cool or cool is not really an adjective that implies warmth or softness.


This is the last term that suggests that your sweetheart is just really darn adorable.


Hunters are so brave and strong, so this term should work well for the other sex who are trying to win your heart.


Not being called handsome or handsomely, but this guy name implies masculinity and other things related to men being men such as strength and toughness.


This term implies the person is a bad boy, which may or may not be true, depending on how you use it.


Basically like “honey”, but it is a bit more casual and informal, especially if you’re not consistently calling the person something like “dear” or “sweetheart”.

Final Thoughts

If none of these words quite get the point across, you might need to call this person handsome.

Really, you’re not wrong for thinking of other ways to describe people.

The only thing that matters is whether or not they like the name or nickname you choose!

Names are verbal currency, so you want to be careful about which ones you use.

Most of these words are still nice and will do just fine when it comes to describing your crush.

If you end up using any of these alternatives, you’ll understand why there are so many guys who prefer not to go by handsome.